06 October 2010

Narrative Fantasy Art.

Stuck in Dragon Age. Funny how my interests keep twisting and turning from one area to another just-like-that. It's almost like I'm having a running conversation with myself while stoned. Last week I became absolutely obssessed with patterns and now I'm totally hooked on game art. Years ago, before art school, I wanted nothing more than to learn how to make elaborately rendered fantasy worlds. That was why I chose to major in Animation. The eventual idea was to end up developing narratives and making concept art for games.

Lately I've been thinking of doing that again. Creating worlds and characters are fun! I found the website of this funny Norwegian artist while looking up character art of GRR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire's Arya Stark. I love his plan view drawings for the board game "Mansions of Madness". I have still yet to meet anyone intelligent that didn't appreciate beautiful minatures (whether real or drawn). There's something about it that triggers the narrative instinct in us, and immedeatly weaves a cloud of story in our minds.


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